October Bulletin of Vincentian Marian Youth

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vmy oct 2015

In the October Bulletin of Vincentian Marian Youth the President writes…

The lifestyle that is embraced by the members of the VMY implies a sense of commitment that goes beyond simply “belonging”. Here we refer to “being”, that is, being a reflection of Christ and thus imitating Mary, his mother; being filling with the Vincentian charism of love for those persons whom we encounter in the many various situations of poverty and never passing over the opportunity to provide service to those persons who are in need.

At the present time, we, as young men and women, are faced with many challenges. As members of this Association we are confronted by the reality that many people view themselves as self-sufficient and have cast aside their search for God. As young people we have the obligation to make a contribution to the Church through our witness and through our embodiment of the Vincentian charism. Yes, we are called to give witness to a joy that can only be obtained from the Lord; we are called to be fearless in revealing that joy and spreading that joy in the midst of our surroundings … and doing so in a manner that other young people would find attractive, thus enabling them to find the treasure that we have found.

The bulletin includes an exciting overview of activities throughout the world, perspectives on information and other valuable features.

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