Spirituality of St. Louise: the infant Christ, and Mary

by | Oct 17, 2015 | Formation

st-louise-on-infant-Christ-and-Mary-428x224Spirituality of St. Louise: the infant Christ, and Mary

Meditation on the Incarnate Word led Louise de Marillac quite naturally to Mary, His mother, to whom she would consecrate the “Little Company” on October 17, 1644 (anniversary is this Saturday). See the new presentation based on an article by Sister Louise Sullivan, DC.

  • Louise’s prayers and meditation followed the liturgical year.
  • Every aspect of Mary’s life became a subject of prayer for Louise.

Vincentian Heritage Journal article 12.2.05 – The Spirituality of Louise de Marillac: the infant Christ, and Mary (PDF) courtesy of Vincentian Heritage Collections at DePaul University.



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