AIC opens Facebook page on feast of Vincent

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The AIC celebrates the feast of St. Vincent by opening its new Facebook page

AIC – Dear friends, National Presidents, and Volunteers,

Happy St Vincent’s Feast Day!!

We hope you have wonderful celebrations to commemorate our founder.

We would like to use this date as a good motivation to continue preparing ourselves for the celebration of our 400th anniversary, renewing our commitment to deepen and let others know about our charism.

We are delighted to let you know that on this commemorative date of 27th September, we are opening our AIC International Facebook page.

We invite you to make the most of the multiple opportunities that this new AIC Facebook page offers to get to know us better and to make us better known! Let’s strengthen communication between us, be closer to AIC volunteers from all over the world; share our strengths, ideas, dreams and experiences; support each other through difficulties and demonstrate our solidarity with those who are suffering; raise the profile of our association and the Vincentian values that inspire us! Let’s once again follow the example of St Vincent who in his own time was already making use of all available means of communication to achieve his mission.

As this important anniversary approaches, let’s bet that we’re going to be able to infect lots of people with the enthusiasm that drives us so that a great number of new volunteers join us and new partners support us, so that this fine project started by St Vincent will remain alive for many years to come. And let’s not forget that if there are more of us and we are better connected we will become a stronger entity, and so better able to take concrete action to fight against poverty and build a fairer world.

For all these reasons and many more, please join our AIC International Facebook page! We are counting on you to give life to our network!

Using these means of communication only makes sense if we have something to feed them, for which we need your collaboration so that you share with us interesting news which you have discovered in your Vincentian work and photos to accompany it. Please send this news from now onwards to Sumaia Sahade, Head of Communication, with a copy to the International Secretariat at Keep in mind that if we want to give regular news updates we always need to have a good supply of news to hand. So the more news we have the better. We hope that this will help us to spread the word better about our association.

We would also like to invite you to fully embrace the Year of Collaboration as the Vincentian Family has proposed by working with its different branches.

Remembering the words of our dear Saint Vincent: “Charity is infinitely inventive”, let us ask that God enlightens us so that we have an open mind, so that we continue to adapt ourselves to this new world and promote justice and peace.

We send our kindest regards, wishing that Christ, St Vincent and St Louise will continue to accompany us always,

Alicia Duhne, International President
Tayde de Callataÿ, General Manager

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