Charity’s Saint as seen from Indonesia

by | Sep 26, 2015 | News

Charity’s Saint as seen from Indonesia. Who was this man who did so much?

A clever juxtaposition of scenes from the classic award winning movie Monsieur Vincent with a presentation in English by Fr. Antonius Sadbudiatno, CM.


See also Charity’s Saint… “In 2010 to celebrate the 350th anniversaries of the deaths of Saint Vincent de Paul (September 27, 1660) and Saint Louise de Marillac (March 15, 1660) the Vincentian Studies Institute of DePaul University undertook the project of creating the first full length-documentary about Saint Vincent and Saint Louise. “Vincent de Paul: Charity’s Saint,” is the impressive result of these efforts. The documentary was produced with four very specific goals in mind:

  • To separate the Vincent of “myth” from the Vincent of “history.”
  • To contextualize Vincent de Paul within the history of 17th century France.
  • To recover the role of Louise de Marillac and women in the foundation of the tradition.
  • To suggest the contemporary relevance of the Vincentian tradition in the modern world.

The chapter breakdown is located here:…



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