Daughter of Charity postulant – beloved sons and daughters, be love

by | Aug 27, 2015 | Daughters of Charity, Formation, News | 4 comments

Daughters of Charity Postulant Kara Davis talks about the importance of living out faith as a family and how it impacted her discernment journey. She presented at the One Faith, One Family in Mobile Alabama.

“I’m not a sister yet. So I am just Kara Davis…. About a month ago I just got the upgrade so now I am a postulant. Yes, it is kinda like getting a new phone…”

With charming simplicity she tells her story and concludes “beloved sons and daughters, be love.”



  1. Sr Marguerite Broderick

    Wonderful, Kara –You and your sister and brothers are so blessed to have been saturated with love; prayed with and prayed for by your parents. You did a fine job on this presentation.

    • Sr. Sharon Richardt

      Thanks Kara, a wonderful sharing! God has truly blessed you! I am so glad our paths crossed in Evansville. You continue in my prayers. I loved your story and what an inspiration for your parents.

  2. Sister Diane Louttit, DC

    Kara what a great presentation. It made me laugh and brought me back to my own vocation story. How wonderful to know that we are all called by our loving God to be holy and whole. Blessings on your parents for their deep faith and their gift of passing it on to you and your siblings.

  3. Sr. Judy Flowers

    Isn’t God good!! Bringing you to Community with all the love your family gives you and now you share it with the Sisters and The Poor!!
    You are most gifted! Thanks for sharing.

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