Being Authentically Catholic and Vincentian

by | Aug 13, 2015 | Formation | 1 comment

Fr. Dennis Holtschneider, CM asks “Every generation has to think about the mission and purpose of the Institution…how are we most authentically Vincentian carrying on the mission that Vincent began?”

This is the question that every branch of the Vincentian Family faces.

If you are a member of one these branches can you articulate the game plan for your branch? If you work in a Vincentian institution what do you see being done to keep it authentically Catholic and Vincentian?

Would you like to express your thoughts on these questions? If so click here to share your thoughts.


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  1. Pat McNulty

    Owensboro Ky, St Thomas Council, 3 Thrift Stores, 25, employees, 250 volunteers. Our efforts are to; 1. educate our Volunteers & employees of the Vincentian Spirit of service/systemic change for our neighbors. 2. Grow spiritually through our fellowship to better understand the needs of our neighbors 3. Increase the effectiveness of our special works in funding our ability to financially provide the needed with systemic change opportunities ( improve profitability of stores, increase giving opportunities for donors) 4. Pray for better understanding of what Gods Will is for us individually and as a Council.
    Thanks for asking, Servant Leader, Pat

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