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by | Aug 8, 2015 | News, Social, Society of St. Vincent de Paul

ssvp-brasil-app-3-facebookSSVP in Brazil launches a Vincentian mobile app

This is the age of apps! At .famvin we’ve been encouraging you to think of using apps for your news of the Vincentian Family. We’ve even created a mobile app for you. Now, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Brazil has developed a new tool.

Thiago Tiburcio writes…

On July 25, the Brazilian National Council of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul launched its new mobile app. Available for free in Android, IOS and Windows phones and tablets, the new tool offers users wide-range information about their charitable works in Brazil. The app includes prayers, articles, news, notices of events. It even covers the Vincentian radio station in addition to formation and information about systemic change.

The app reached 2.000 downloads just in the first week after launched. The success of the initiative can be measured in the apps guest list, where users can evaluate the tool. In Google Play it has scored 4,9 of 5,0.

famvin mobile

The Vincentian app was developed by the Communication Department of the Brazilian National Council aiming to provide members easier and faster access to important information.

“We have 152.000 members in Brazil, a huge country. With the app we can engage the members  with information that is important to better serve those who are poor and marginalized. Even during home visits it just takes a touch on the screen to find answers.”

The app is worldwide available, but in the first version, just in Portuguese. The next step, says Tiburcio, is to make an English, Spanish and a French version.

“We have to collaborate across the Vincentian Family. We hope this tool can be spread to other countries and branches of the Vincentian Family. People interested in it can contact me”.

To download the app, click here.


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