misevi1Mi.Se.Vi., Misioneros Seglares Vicencianos, is the youngest member of the Vincentian Family. Their history began in the summer of 1984 when young people from the VMY (Vincentian Marian Youth) were sent by Spain to Honduras. Some of these young people offered to give more time to the mission and, in 1987, the first VMY Permanent Community was established. In 1992, some of them, who were not that young anymore, thought of the missionary vocation as a lifetime option. Considering that the Association which sent these young people is youth oriented and that they had already discerned their vocation, they thought of creating another association within the Vincentian Family that may provide possible responses to the challenges which their vocation presents.

logo-Misevi-233x300The Constituent Assembly of MISEVI was held in Spain in January 2001 and the Coordinating Team with international and Spanish functions was established. In 2005, MISEVI International Statues were approved and updated in 2010. MISEVI is established in Spain, France, Italy, Slovakia, Costa Rica, México, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, El Salvador, USA, Indonesia, and Lebanon.

Web: http://miseviinternacional.com
Facebook: MiSeVi internacional


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