White Wings of Mercy – the Cornette and history of the Daughters of Charity

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DC cornetteWhite Wings of Mercy commemorates the universal symbol of charity, a white head piece called a cornette, worn by the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul for 279 years from the founding of the Community to its retirement in 1964. As we trace the history of the Community during those years, we find extraordinary women who ventured into every kind of environment and every corner of the earth to serve persons who are poor, destitute, marginal, in need of health, medical, educational, and other kinds of services. This was and is the vocation of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. Predominantly told by pictures, paintings, and photographs, White Wings of Mercy takes the reader on a journey of faith, hope, and charity.

WHITE WINGS OF MERCY Notice of Publication July 23, 2015

The author, a former Daughter of Charity,  writes…

My dear Friends and Family of St. Vincent,
By the grace of God and with much thanksgiving, I am happy to announce today’s publication of our cornette book … by CREATE SPACE.  Bless the Lord with me!  Today you can purchase your own copy of our cornette book … yours and mine … Go to this website if you wish to obtain your copy online.  All proceeds will be given to the Daughters of Charity, Province of St. Louise in gratitude and with great affection … so, your money will be well spent, my dear ones.  Here is the online address (the book will also be available atAMAZON.COM, but the royalty is better for the Community if you purchase from CreateSpace directly):


  1. Ross

    The cornette surely reminds us of the old days when it was a distinguishing mark of the Daughters of Charity. It represents the past that many people would like to return to.

    But what is often forgotten is that the cornette represents the innovation that St. Vincent’s and St. Louise’s inventiveness gave rise to, a new way of living out consecrated life without a religious habit. After all, the cornette was only part of the common outfit worn by ordinary women in St. Vincent’s times, by young country women particularly.

    The cornette represents a new way of adapting to the needs of the times, in the same way that the adoption of Latin, of the chusable and of other things we characterize as belonging to the past of the church to which we’d like to return, were likewise adaptations to new situations.

  2. Susan Bridgforth

    Congratulations to the best and most talented author and producer, Theresa, for a monumental contribution to the history of a sacred institution which has withstood the test of time, the Daughters of Charity.

  3. Sr. Amelia Torres,DC

    I have not the chance to wear the white wings but this attracted me to my dear vocation because I thought and i was confirmed that these white wings mean that we daughters can fly any where in the world where the poor need us and where we see God in the poor with all simplicity and love!

    • Olga C. Luna

      So beautifully said, Sor Amelia!

      I am fortunate to have been a witness and have been a part of your flight, your journey – in your vocation as a Daughter of Charity – for it was during the time (when I served in the Luisas and the Luisitas organizations in Immaculate Heart of Mary College) that my love for the poor and the needy was awakened and nurtured – to this day.

      Fly one, Sister!
      You – the priests and the religious – are in our prayers and daily Masses. And, may we ask you likewise to remember us in yours.

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