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LCUSA featured-generic-2The Ladies of Charity – June Servicette is brim full with news of a vibrant and growing organization.

Excerpt from Mary Ann Dantuono’s President’s Message from the Ladies of Charity…

“We can’t see someone suffering without suffering along with him, or see someone cry without crying as well. This is an act of love, causing people to enter one another’s hearts and to feel what they feel, far from those persons who have no feeling for the anguish of the afflicted, or the suffering of poor persons. Ah, how tenderhearted the Son of God was!” (St. Vincent de Paul, May 1659)

Joy and hope characterize the love the Ladies of Charity bring to communities.

Strengthened by prayer and the Eucharist, we seek out the least and the lost and encounter our God. We serve with humility, simplicity and charity and we are the love of God for people we serve.

This concept was explained beautifully  in a recent column “Seeing Christ in the Humble One Who Serves” by Fr. Tom McKenna, CM, on FAMVIN in which he quoted the scriptural commentator N.T. Wright (John for Everyone, Part 2, p 49). “You probably won’t realize this at the time. You’ll be too busy thinking of the people you’re working for and with. But, as you look back, you may be startled by the joy of realizing that as you walked into that house, that hospital, that place of pain or love or sorrow or hope, Jesus was walking in, wearing your skin, speaking in your tone of voice.”

Grateful for our call to love, let us join together at the national assembly in New Orleans September 17, 18 and 19 to learn, to encourage each other, and to grow in our capacity to love God and our neighbor. The board committee chaired by Rita Robinson and the NOLA committee chaired by Darlene Daigle and Patricia Parker are working to create a great assembly in this culturally rich city. Information is available in this edition of the Servicette, on our website and through the regional directors and the national office.

Come with joy and hope!

This issue has lots of news about the upcoming Assembly in New Orleans, a reflection on “The smothering hug” by Bishops David A. Zubik, the President’s Message from Mary Ann Dantuono, Margaret Hanson’s International Report from the AIC meeting.

This edition also includes the Advocacy Connection and a report on the Catholic Social Ministry Gathering in Washington. as well as reports from the Junior Ladies of Charity and other local groups around the country. And much, much more to keep you informed of the LCUSA and its activities.

Download the June-2015-Servicette in pdf format.



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