Image of God – Not Always Easy – Sunday is for Family – Jesus’ Death a Sign of Life

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lynn-lheureux-featured-facebookImage of God – Not Always Easy – Sunday is for Family – Jesus’ Death a Sign of Life

Vincentian Day of Prayer and Fast – Tuesday June 2, 2015

Image of God – Every good deed we do is evidence God is working in us and through us. True humility is acknowledging the good you do for others in His service, while knowing and proclaiming the true source of your goodness is the Holy Spirit. Our goodness comes from the image of God.   Good deeds, our giftedness, and the love we share while serving those in need, is the fruit of being made in the image of God. Jesus gave us His Holy Spirit to empower us to look and be like Jesus and our divine Father. Reading the Acts, we see how Jesus teaches through the apostles. When we serve those in need we see Jesus and we serve Him. Others may not see what we see. Paul and Barnabas did everything to follow God and do what they could through the Holy Spirit. All credit is given to God. Our work as Vincentians should always be lifted to God. We work in His image and we serve Him and we are in a partnership with the Trinity. We always need our lawyer, the Holy Spirit to help us. Make all decisions and solve problems with the Trinity.

Not Always Easy – To love someone who doesn’t love us… it’s not easy! Because if we know a person doesn’t like us, then we also tend to bear ill will. But no! We must love even someone who doesn’t love us! Last night one of my granddaughters came to me sobbing uncontrollably. She blurted out, “I hate my mother and I wish you were my mother.” I hugged her and wiped away tears which seemed like an eternity, the whole time praying for intervention, peace and love for this angel of mine who is so misunderstood. I felt the Holy Spirit flow through my words as I kept saying, “Your mother loves you” over and over. My granddaughter had been taken into emergency and can now put a name to her source of physical pain. She is worried and actually scared. She asked me to pray. This is an unusual request as she constantly tells me she doesn’t need prayer. I pray for her health and her patience with her mom. I also told her when she feels alone and unloved, know God always loves her. She lovingly told me of someone she worked with who was really poor. She wants to help her and her family. Love is not always easy, but we have so much help from the Trinity. We now will be doing a home visit together to help this family in need. God’s love is always present and it is not easy to forgive or to love without it, but we must. We need to see behind the eyes of those we serve and pray they feel loved. It is not always easy.

Sunday is for Family – Title from Pope Francis 10 tips for happiness #6. This is my favorite of all things. About 35 years or more I made a New Year’s Resolution to ensure we shared a meal together on Sundays. Our 3 kids were so involved in hockey, bowling, gymnastics, baton, Girl Guides, Boy Scouts in winter, then ball, soccer, Scouts, Guides, campouts and craft and cooking classes in the summer. Or I should say at least part of the summer, because we always camped out or went to the lake for most of summer. Now our kids have kids and they have all grown coming to Sunday dinner. . Each birthday is usually celebrated on a Sunday. These gatherings get us through any problem we may encounter. Tough or difficult moments seem easier to handle when the family is with you. We share what is in our heart or a burden with our families. God is with us the same way in our Vincentian Family. God is the beginning and the end of all our decisions and journeys with the family and the sources of the right direction. When we gather as family, Vincentian and human it is getting over the biggest hurdle we face and knowing miracles happen. We really should not search for the miracles before our eyes, but expect them in our ups and downs. I have a rock and my family knows when the rock which has BELIEVE on it is front and center, we are praying together for someone. Keep your rock close and expect miracles.

Jesus Death a Sign of Life – “I came that they might have life, and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10b). When Jesus reminds us He came so we might have life, He does so in the context of laying down His own life for our sake. Jesus continues to offer abundant life to all, and invites us to be one with Him in receiving, protecting and nurturing life. His death is a true sign of life. Why not take up the challenge to include some element of the culture of life in your Vincentian meetings and gatherings. Together we can make a difference. All of us, as servants, are called to develop relationships with our Vincentian Family and those we serve. We must be an example to each other as disciples, truly giving to one another. We are all invited to God’s abundant life. Jesus showed us through suffering, how we grow in endurance, character and ultimately hope. Our suffering is not without value if we know Jesus. When we suffer, we pray and unite our sufferings to the only one who truly loves us perfectly or knows all we are feeling. The giver of life, Son of the Father and Holy Trinity, three in one, give us abundant life and never leave us.



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