Sisters of Charity of Nazareth continue ministry in Nepal

by | May 29, 2015 | News

SCN Nepal 5-25Sisters of Charity of Nazareth continue in ministry to Nepal after earthquakes after the initial interest of the world press wanes.

Sister and communications director Malini Manjoly, SCN, reports first-hand from Nepal with other SCNs in ministry.

SCNs Philomina Bading and Lisa Perekkatt distributed tarpaulins and oil packets to 50 families at Baniatar, Kathmandu. They also fortified the cracked boundary wall with the help of Ram Adhikary and Mohan Dyole by giving wooden support from the road to prevent the wall from collapsing before the demolition to remake it. One of the engineers has given the Sisters an estimate to repair the cracked areas at Navjyoti Centre, third and fourth floor (residence of women trainees) of the SCN residence and the boundary wall.

[Visit Malini Manjoly, SCN, reports for some stunning graphics.]

Today there were over 55 children at the child center at Baniatar. Parents seem to be happy and confident to send their children to the child center. The women have taken the lead to clean up the rubbles of their rented fallen houses to recover useful household items. Most of them have no place to keep their belongings as many families live together with relatives in small tarpaulin tents.

People who have not received any help continue to knock at Navjyoti Centre’s door for tarpaulins and other assistance. From Panauti, Kavre District, Ek Bahadur came with a list of 100 households from three wards who still need tarpaulins.

SCNs Aisha Kavalakattu, Philomena Kottoor and Malini Manjoly visited the villages of Tripatia, Thimal Beshi, Rotepink and Koshideka. In each place, villagers gathered in groups to meet the Sisters and to make future plans. Thimal Beshi government primary school is totally damaged and at Rotepink, one of the school buildings is damaged. They would like for the Sisters to help them to rebuild these school buildings with the voluntary help from locals. The school will reopen on May 29.

In Tripatia, the people have begun to make temporary shelters with recovered materials from their lost homes and the building materials they received from the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth and NGOs.

The women at the village of Koshihekha were given sanitary materials. Sister Philomena distributed corn seeds to people in Rotepink village. Sisters returned to Navjyoti around 7:30 p.m., dusty and tired as they made plans for the next day.

You can Donate to the SCN Nepal earthquake relief and 100% of funds will go directly to SCN ministries in Nepal and help people in need.


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