Vincentian Collaboration on fire in Ethiopia

by | May 28, 2015 | Formation, News, Vincentian Family, Year of Vincentian Collaboration


Ethiopia collaborationVincentian Collaboration on fire in Ethiopia – A spark has been ignited!

As a follow-up to the Vincentian Family Collaboration Action Program (VFCAP) held in March 2015 in Addis Ababa, the group in Ethiopia has prepared a PowerPoint presentation to update us on what’s been happening in their apostolates. Take a few minutes to learn more about this relatively new and promising Vincentian team, on fire with the charism. See their presentation here.

Abba Hagos Hayish, CM, VFCAP Ethiopia coordinator  explained that the Vincentian Family in Ethiopia has a rich tradition of collaborative ministry as illustrated by St. Justin Jacobis, and that the faithful in Ethiopia are willing to play their role in the ministry of the Ethiopian church. “Collaboration in our context is not an option but an obligation” he added. “

“Team work is a must and if we want to run fast we would run alone but if we want to reach our destination we should walk TOGETHER”. Words that all branches of the family can well reflect on in this year dedicated to collaboration.

More on Justin de Jacobis and the art of dialog

It is well known that Justin conquered the hearts of the Ethiopians, who willingly proclaimed him a saint before his beatification in Rome. This was not because of his theological dialectic, which he correctly avoided, but because of his art of dialogue, based on unconditional love for his neighbour, because of his not lining himself up with the ras and the big feudal lords, but with the poor, the marginalised and the sick, because of his deep humility, and his living among the Ethiopians like an Ethiopian monk. To sum up, Justin conquered the hearts of the Ethiopians by his authentically Christian behaviour.


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