Emmaus – a lesson for Vincentian ministries

by | Apr 8, 2015 | News

Jesus with disciplesEmmaus – a lesson for Vincentian ministries.

This morning I celebrated Eucharist with two brother Vincentian priests who journeyed with me over 60 years when I was trying to make sense of life as a high schooler. In a spontaneous sharing about the gospel reading  of the journey to Emmaus I found myself thanking them for walking with me as I traveled the confusing road of adolescence during my years at St. Johns Prep (then on Lewis Ave).

I was thanking them for the hours they spent listening to me outside the classroom. The time they help me connect the dots of my life young life and opened my eyes to the possibility that God was calling me to be a priest. The joy  in their lives was real and contagious.

Listening and connecting the dots. I have been chewing on that tee-shirt summary of what happened on the road to Emmaus. And then it hit me in a ways never before. That was also the way of Vincent. He walked with people, especially the poorest and most marginalized,  in the midst of their lives. He listened, understood and helped them connect the dots of their lives with the Good News of the Gospel.

These two confreres, Fred Gaulin and Lou Trotta as well as deceased confreres such as Joe Dunne and Tom Concagh, gave me my first lessons in ministering in the way of Vincent. THANK YOU!

Are there people we need to thank who walked with us at critical points in our journey?

Footnote: Emmaus has always been my favorite passage in scripture. So I was thrilled about 5 years ago when I came upon what for me is the best dramatization of that journey.

Parts of it still takes my breath despite having seen it literally dozens of times. (I have used it in a variety of retreat settings.)

The website has ordering information and a link to the movie on YouTube.

It is available in 7 languages and has well developed free resources for use in a variety of settings.

There is even a version scaled down for viewing on a mobile device. m.youtube.com—watch

I have just discovered that they have developed another  video “Come Follow me”


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