First report/photos from Vincentian Family in Latin America (FaViLa)

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Several branches from the Vincentian Family of Latin America arrived on Monday 16th at the Provincial House of Daughters of Charity of Central America Province which is located in Guatemala to participate in the 7th meeting of the Vincentian family in Latin America.

There are 135 participants from 23 countries, and belonging to 13 branches of the Vincentian Family. The motto for this meeting is “Missionaries and Vincentians witnesses of Faith and Charity.”

It is being held on the 15thanniversary of Council of Latin America Vincentian Family (FAVILA.) Fr. Edilberto Lazo CM, Visitor of the Central American Province celebrated the opening Eucharist. A festive spirit of thanksgiving for the gift of the Vincentian Family in the Church characterized the celebraation.

On Tuesday morning, there was a brief presentation and reflection by groups about the FAVILA journey during these 15 years. In the afternoon, Fr. Mizael Pogglioli CM, from Brasil, spoke about “Missionaries and Vincentians witnesses of Faith and Charity.” Meanwhile, Fr. John Prager CM, Visitor of the Province of Ecuador and native of the United States, spoke about “Spirituality, charism, and lifestyle.” One important idea was: “Being missionary is to enter in the world of poor to accompany them with the Gospel.”

The working day finished with a concert of marimba, which is a musical instrument native to Guatemala. Then there was the “bazzar de la solidaridad” where the delegations brought cultural items from their countries.
(info and photos by way of Sr. Francellie de Jesús, DC)

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