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by | Feb 25, 2015 | Formation, Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Thio - SVDPLent 2015 : message of Dr. Michael Thio, President Général

During the Lenten season, the Holy Father asks us to meditate especially on the love of God for each one of us in the ecclesial communion at the service of the little and poorest ones with Christ’s same heart, as an antidote to the “globalization of indifference”. In a message to all members of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, The President General spread the call of Cor Unum to respond to the letter of Pope Francis.

« Dear Presidents of National/Superior and Assimilated Councils,

May Mother Mary protect and keep us in her tender care always.

Reference is made to the letter of 26 January 2015 from the Pontifical Council Cor Unum along with Pope Francis’s 2015 Lenten Message. Cor Unum has requested for response to the Pope’s message regarding its exposure, reception and initiatives the message is able to generate. To co-ordinate SSVP responses may we request respective National/Superior & Assimilated Councils send their response to Council General International(CGI) for the attention of : Ms Claire-Helene de Parseval, Administration Manager, to her email: cgi.admin@ssvpglobal.org. The CGI will collate the responses and submit a collective response from SSVP to Cor Unum. Appreciate your co-operation and kind attention and we look forward to hear from you.

Let us pray to the Holy Spirit to enlighten us in reflecting on the Pope’s Lenten message and preparing ourselves well for the season of Lent. Let us give praise and thanksgiving to God.

Kind regards and God bless.

Yours in our humble service in Christ,

Dr. Michael Thio
President General

Read the full letter of Pope François  > Lent message 2015 Pope Francis (pdf, 80.69 Ko)

Read Appeal of Cor Unum > Appeal Cor Unum Lent 2015 (pdf, 533.09 Ko)



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