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by | Jan 28, 2015 | Vincentian Family

VFHI: Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative Report

Letter from International Coordinator of the Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative

Dear Friends,

2014 has been a year of transition for us.  As the LaHoye fish farm moved from a dream to a business reality, we have laid the foundation for the sustainability of our projects in Haiti:  adopting the Haitian fiscal year, developing personnel policies, and positioning our VFHI Foundation to shoulder the demands this growth will entail.

Last year also marked the end of our first three year Strategic Plan. The VFHI Commission has begun the process of developing a new plan, based on the lessons learned these past years and building upon what we have accomplished.

We hope to finalize the new Plan by the start of the next fiscal year.

Fr. Joe Agostino, CM 

2014 Highlights

  • Graduated 290 women from proven poverty alleviation program.
  • 30% increase in assets of 150 women living in rural Haiti.
  • Constructed 75 homes and 150 latrines for women in poverty alleviation program.
  • Began construction on Tilapia Farm to produce 50,000 pounds of fish and dozens of livelihoods.
  • Trained 22 vocational students through construction of Tilapia Farm administrative offices. These students successfully passed state exams and graduated from program.
  • Completed baseline survey of 389 households, comprised of 995 adults and 1109 children in new service area obtaining valuable information for rendering future services.
  • Offered and accepted membership on steering committee for proposed Haiti Education Fund and Planning Committee for primary and secondary schools.
  • Fed 4,200 students daily.
  • Began a school evaluation process to develop individualized School Improvement Plans with 3-5 year objectives.

CLM Cohorts Succeed in the Central Plateau

The VFHI is proud to announce the graduation of our first Chemen Lavi Miyò (CLM) or Path-way to a Better Life cohort in February 2014. 290 out of the original 300 members graduated. This 18 month poverty alleviation program is directed by our partner Fonkoze, a microfinance institution with vast experience in rural Haiti. Nearly 3,000 women’s lives have been changed through this program.

More information on the Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative is available on the VFHI website including more about the Fish Farm/Breeding Center as well as CLM and the Pathway to a Better Life cohort.

The complete Annual Report is available for download:

VFHI_Annual_Report_2014_ENGLISH (PDF)

VFHI_Annual_Report_2014_ENGLISH (Word)




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