Pope Gives 400 Sleeping Bags to Rome’s Homeless

by | Dec 19, 2014 | Poverty: Analysis and Responses, Vincentian Family

Francis Vincent eyesPope Gives 400 Sleeping Bags to Rome’s Homeless – Most people celebrate their birthdays by receiving gifts, but Pope Francis did the opposite. Reminds one of Vincent’s rounds.

According to Zenit.org…  To celebrate his 78th birthday on Wednesday, he gave 400 sleeping bags to Rome’s poor. Some 400 homeless people of Rome now have a sleeping bag with the papal coat of arms on it. This initiative, as all of the Pope’s charitable endeavors, was organized by Polish Bishop Konrad Krajedwski, the papal almoner.

The sleeping bags were distributed on a minibus, which left the Vatican at 6 pm and went around Rome looking for homeless people who needed them. The quality bags had a hood and carried the papal ensign.

“This is a gift for you, please pray for the Pope,” volunteers, including a nun and some Swiss Guards said. They were led by the Papal Almoner Bishop Konrad Krajewski. The minibus toured around railway stations before reaching the area surrounding the Campo Verano cemetery which tends to be frequented by the homeless. It also made a stop on Via Nazionale.


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