Sisterhood: Tears and Fears – A LifeTime Reality Show

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Sisterhood - tears and fearsSisterhood: Tears and Fears – A LifeTime Reality Show – The International Business Times reports… “Women from Catholic religious orders watched Lifetime’s new reality TV series “The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns” intently Tuesday night. Some held premiere parties while others blogged and tweeted their reactions to the new show that follows five young women contemplating whether the monastic life is right for them.

For the most part, the show’s first episode was met with positive reviews, although some nuns were hesitant about how the show will unfold.

“This is NOT the usual process of deciding to become a sister,” Sister Cynthia, who does not reveal her last name, from the Sisters of Mercy wrote in a blog post following the show’s premiere. “In real reality it’s a long, prayerful process and very much based on the individual woman.”

In the show’s description by Lifetime, the series is supposed to show young women in the discernment phase of becoming a nun. This process can take up to two years where women pray daily, meet with vocation directors, participate in volunteer service and visit convents. In some cases, postulants go on “nun runs” where they visit several convents to see which religious community is right for them.

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Crux has a convenient summary of episode  1 Tears and Fears. They even have a poll where you can vote about who will make it through. noting that while it’s early, it asks which young woman do you think is most likely to choose to become a sister?”

FamVin is contacting a number of young women in various Vincentian Family formation program to learn what they think of it.

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