Fr. Carl Pieber offers summary of historic Assembly

by | Nov 10, 2014 | Association of the Miraculous Medal

Fr Pieber portrait 11-27-13 walletv2Fr.CarlPieber, Sub-Director General of International Miraculous Medal Association, offers this final summary…The first General Assembly of the Miraculous Medal Association ended on November 9  in the late afternoon with Mass celebrated by the Director General Fr. G. Gregory Gay, CM.  Thirty one nations sent almost one hundred delegates from every continent in the world to share renew and celebrate God’s great love to us through the love of our Mother Mary Immaculate.

Brought together by their new, canonically approved statutes of 2010,  these people of Mary met for 7 days to pray, listen and respond to the call of the Church and to strengthen their role in the new Evangelization.
In language groups and plenary sessions, the association listened to new methods of spreading the devotion and love of Mary that always expresses God’s love through others, with others, and in other human persons.   By bringing the Medal and Mary’s love to the homes of others, the abandoned, especially the imprisoned and sick, and asking others to join them, the Association reflected on their response to the Jesus’ call to love their neighbor.
The Assembly ended with the unanimous approval of lines of action for the International, the national and the local associations.  Though the translations are not completed what follows is a part of the introduction to these new lines of action. This simple beginning conveys some of the overall success that was achieved.
“The Miraculous Medal  is a great evangelizing and transforming force for all who wear it with faith. To “come to the foot of the altar”, to receive the abundance of the graces of God through Mary, fortifies us to bring the Gospel to a world hungry for justice and mercy…”
PS Due to a computer crash the documents of the Assembly will be delayed for a few days. The Lines of Action on the other hand await official translations.



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