First International Miraculous Medal Assembly underway

by | Nov 4, 2014 | Association of the Miraculous Medal, Vincentian Family

Miraculous MedalFather Astor Rodriquez offer this first report from the first International Miraculous Medal Assembly.

Today we started the 1st International Miraculous Medal Assembly. We have 31 countries represented who have the Association Present in their country from all the continents. Especially having the Statutes approved in 2010 by the Holy See this marks an historic and joyful moment,  Fr. Gregory Gay, the Director General welcomed us.

MMA- liturgyFr. Carl Pieber offered the opening Eucharist. His homily captured the creativity and joyfulness of the moment. He reflected on  the Statutes and how the they can help us, But he reminded us of their limitations  when they remain just words. He remind us, of becoming One with the Word who became flesh and animated us to make that word alive in us, by becoming one with the Word.

MMA- Americans

“This one Word will always call us to what God made us – the fullness of humanity, the fullness of Jesus Christ and the fullness of Mary. As we grow as humans, we realize that God created us as ‘givers’. Human persons are all created to be givers. We’re created to be givers to others, to the poor and even givers to our enemies, no just once, not just 70 times 7, but every moment of our lives”

The more we become these words, these calls to act, this “Miraculous-Medal-Trinity of Jesus, Mary and Vincent, then more that we become the one word language of God.

Be forewarned! The language of God is the language of action. Here God’s actions in today’s Gospel.

– “Go out quickly into the streets…
-“bring in here the poor and the crippled, the blind and the lame,’
-“fill my house…”
The divine language of Mary to St. Catherine is the same. “Come to the foot of the Altar…” “wear this medal…” “tell the people to pray.”

Our sessions where divided into two sessions both given by Bishop Alfonso Cabezas, CM with the theme “Contributions of The Miraculous Medal Association and the New Evangelization” . He guided us through the first moments (1830) up to the present. He highlighted the vision and it’s influence on the local, the universal church and political scene since then.




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