Mobile phones and Ministry in one graphic

by | Sep 28, 2014 | Vincentian Family


mobile linksMobile phones and Ministry in one graphic – In case you have any doubts about the importance of mobile phones in ministry as outlined in these two bullet points from the folks at Internet Evangelism Day, scan their infographic which follows.

  • Any mission, evangelism or discipleship team or church which does not integrate mobile phones into their ministry strategy is simply missing a God-given tool.
  • Missions and ministries, stop thinking just paper. If you distribute discipleship booklets and studies, let them out ‘into the wild’ – put them free online for anyone to download as ebooks. Why distribute a few hundred a year on paper, when you could give away thousands online to those who could never afford them, or ever encounter them? There is a huge need for appropriate electronic discipleship literature in the Majority World, as well as a portal that lists such free literature by subject.

Read more:  at Internet Evangelism Day
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PS Remember that no one is disputing the importance of personal contact.



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