Vincent through the eyes of children

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Life of Vincent MansiVinFormation is grateful to Dee Mansi for this insight into Vincent through the eyes of  9-1o year old children  attending St. Vincent’s Primary School.

Who was St. Vincent de Paul? How did the young Father Vincent learn to serve God in the poor? Watch as the children of Year 5 at St. Vincent’s primary school in London dramatize the life of St. Vincent in this short film.

The Life of St. Vincent de Paul: By the Children of St. Vincent’s Primary School

Made with the help of Mrs. Dee Mansi, Fr. Richard Nesbitt, Sarah de Nordwall, Marcos Villaseñor, Carlotta Cardana, Dr. Katherine Vaughn, Ms. Sofia Tozzi, and the Daughters of Charity. Produced by Open Cinema. Shared with Famvin by Dee Mansi.


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