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Sister Françoise Petit, Daughter of Charity, member of the International Council and Spiritual Advisor for AIC, recently had the chance to visit the Daughters of Charity in Lebanon Syria.

Her account of the trip appeared on the international website of the AIC.

“Our trip to Lebanon and the Holy Land went well.  We were able to make contact with almost all our Sisters in Syria.  They meet regularly with the AIC members.  Like the rest of the population, they are affected by the events and financially nothing is simple.  The Sisters tell us that in terms of food the volunteers can get hold of almost of everything for the moment, but everything has become very expensive.  Fear is present in daily life and they try to find the means to continue living.  The basement of a school has been furnished for meetings…there is a corner for prayer.  It was moving to listen to them”.

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  1. marguerite broderick

    Very glad to hear something of our Sisters and the Ladies in Syria.

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