Sisters of Charity Federation Meeting Saturday, June 7

by | Jun 16, 2014 | Sisters of Charity, Vincentian Family

sc-federation-featured-facebookFrom the website of the Sisters of Charity Federation

The day began with prayer lead by Marge Kloos, SC-C and Maureen Heverin, SC-C.

The morning began with the Federation Business meeting. Donna Geernaert, SC-H gave a report on the structure of the Board, follow-up on last year’s decision to communicate with Cardinal Sean O’Malley and the meeting she and Louise Gallahue, DC-St. Louise, had with him. The role of women in the Church, service to the poor and human trafficking were among the topics discussed. She also reported on the Board’s fall and spring meetings.

Julie Cutter and the members of the Finance Committee gave a report on current finances and proposed budget for the coming year.

Jane Iannucelli, SC-NY, President of Seton Heritage Ministries gave a report on their strategic plan and the plan now in process to transfer canonical sponsorship to the Federation. Donna Geernaert, SC-H gave an overview of the relationship between the Federation Board and Seton Heritage Ministries,

Joan Cook, SC-C talked about the 40th anniversary of the canonization of Elizabeth Seton (Monday, September 12, 2015). A public celebration on Sunday, September 13, 2015; Congregational celebrations on Saturday, September 12, 2015 (still being planned).

The Federation Business meeting continued after lunch with a video about the House of Charity in New Orleans and another on the Federation collaborative initiatives. Julie Cutter gave an update on the 2010-2017 Strategic Plan and proposed changes.

Jane Iannucell gave a presentation on Covenant Relationships – posing many pertinent questions Congregations need to begin to ask in light of changes in religious life and how we move into the future. We cannot wait until it is too late to look at issues such as leadership (willingness to serve, qualifications needed), finances, property, sponsored ministries, etc. We also have to address the grief and loss and look for the places that give us life.

After the Leadership Teams of each Congregation met and shared their reports, everyone moved to the Motherhouse Chapel for liturgy to celebrate the Feast of Pentecost. The day ended with dinner and farewell to the members who will be going out of office.



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