Second International Videoconference for Vincentian Youth

by | Jun 14, 2014 | Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Vincentian Family

globe plus childrenThe Second  International Videoconference for Vincentian Youth will take place during the United States SVdP National Assembly! Last year, Society of St. Vincent de Paul groups from France, Ireland, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, the Philippines, and the U.S. participated and had a wonderful conversation for an hour over the internet.

In an effort to reunite, and also to include other groups, the second international videoconference is being planned. The U.S. SVdP National Assembly will be taking place a bit later this year in late September. It is likely the videoconference will occur either on September 26 or September 27.

Hosted last year by the SVdP District Council of Madison, Wisconsin (in the northern half of the country),  this year we will travel to Atlanta, Georgia (in the southern half of the country.) Rizza Ibanez from the city of Atlanta will be coordinating the efforts for the videoconference and she can be contacted at She will also likely be emailing all of you to see if you are interested in participating this year!

Thank you for your support and participation last year to make the Vincentian youth international videoconference a success! Please share this information with others and I hope to see many of you this year….online!

(Also, last year’s videoconference can still be accessed for a short time longer)


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