Let’s not forget VALPARAISO victims

by | May 27, 2014 | Disasters and Responses, News, Vincentian Family

What if you could not celebrate Easter even as late as the week of the Ascension? This is the situation faced by people from the local community St. Justin de Jacobis  and the Parish of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in the section of Valparaiso,  Chile known as Cerro Mariposa.

On April 13 2014 a large fire consumed many houses and all the belongings of many families in the extremely poor favela or slum… for the second time. A similar disaster occurred earlier in 2009.

At the time many lay missionaries belonging to the Vincentian Family in Chile came to support and assist those affected by this fire.

The emergency is over, but now comes the reconstruction! Let’s not forget VALPARAISO they still need our help! 

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