AIC More than 650 AIC volunteers and members of the Vincentian Family have signed up for the AIC Diploma, a distance learning program developed by the AIC Regional Coordination team in Latin America and which should spread to other continents in time.

The AIC diploma entitled “Training for Institutional Reinforcement” will run from February to September 2014.  It is aimed at all volunteers who speak Spanish or Portuguese; it is made up of 8 modules which have the objective of giving the AIC volunteer the tools and knowledge to:

  • Explore in depth the qualities needed to BE an AIC volunteer
  • Develop the skills need to UNDERTAKE better grassroots work; offer tools which will allow our work to be well organized and coordinated
  • Develop the knowledge to run projects, fundraise, communicate using social media and create a strategic plan in our associations.

This program should help volunteers to better organize their AIC work and to take on new tasks such as those associated with management.


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