Daughters of Charity – Relic of John Paul II

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DC Relic JPIIAn extraordinary relic of John Paul II held by Daughters Of Charity. 

Sister Amelia Cicconofri, D.C. Sister Servant of the Regina Mundi Provincial House of Daughters of Charity, presents and explains the relic they are taking care of.  

It is a T-shirt which John Paul II wore in the moment he was shot at St. Peter’s Square and which he was brought in to Gemelli Hospital.

Surgical nurse Anna Stanghellini collected the t-shirt from floor of operating room and kept it until March 2000. She donated it to Daughters of Charity in whose house she lived after retirement.

The shirt was cut in the operating room. The initials JP are embroidered at the neck top. There are three wholes made by bullets circled by blood stains. The brighter stains were made of mercury chromium. The t-shirt was held in the archives of Daughters of Charity Provincialate. The relic’s authenticity has been officially certified by the Vatican.

It was presented to public in the chapel of the Provincial House on the day of John Paul’s II beatification (May 1, 2011). The relic is encased in vacuum glass and decorated with simple wooden frame.


Thanks to Toma (@TavZain)for the above.

Polish version: Niezwykłe relikwie Bł. Jana Pawła II w Domu Sióstr Miłosierdzia


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