Resurrection is not a happy ending movie

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cross2Asia News reports Pope: The Resurrection “is not a happy ending in a movie” but “a humble victory of God, that humanly looks like a failure”

The story continues…. Two children join Francis on the back of his jeep. The two, both with a white cap, and smiles somewhat embarrassed and began to turn to greet the crowd. “Do you like this unplanned trip? ” , The Pope asked the two. He later continued his catechesis which began from ” a sad episode, the story of the betrayal of Judas, who goes to the leaders of the Sanhedrin to haggle with them and deliver them his Master. ‘How much will you give me if I hand him hand over’.

From that point on Jesus has a price on his head. This dramatic act marked the beginning of the Passion of Christ, a painful path that he chooses with absolute freedom. And he clearly says himself: “I lay down my life … No one takes it from me: I give it up myself. I have power to lay it down and the authority to take it up again”. Thus the path of humiliation, dispossession, with this betrayal . Jesus, as if in the market place: ‘costs 30 silver pieces … . And Jesus travels this path of humiliation and emptying out to the very end”.

“Jesus reached complete humiliation with his death of the Cross. This is the worst kind of death , reserved for slaves and criminals. Jesus was considered a prophet, but he died like a criminal. Watching Jesus in his passion, we see a mirror of the sufferings of all mankind, and we find the divine answer to the mystery of evil, of pain, of death. So often we feel horrified by the hurt and pain that surrounds us and we ask, “Why does God allow this? . “It wounds us deeply to see suffering and death, especially that of the innocents!”.

“When we see children suffer, it wounds our heart . This is the mystery of evil . Jesus takes all this evil, all this suffering upon himself . This week, it would do us good to look at the crucifix , kiss the wounds of Christ, kiss the Crucifix . He took the whole human suffering upon himself. ”

“We expect that God in His omnipotence defeat injustice, evil , sin and suffering with a divine triumphant victory. God shows us instead a humble victory that humanly seems to be failure. And we can say : God wins in this failure. The Son of God , appears defeated on the cross: He is suffering, betrayed, insulted, and finally dies. Jesus allows that evil to be wrought upon him and takes it upon himself to win. His passion is not a accident: his death – that death – it was written”.

“Really, we do not have many explanations, it is a puzzling mystery, the mystery of the great humility of God:” For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son”. This week, we should ponder Christ’s pain and tell ourselves: ‘It this is for me. As though I were the only person in the world. He did it for me. We should kiss the crucifix and say : ‘for me . Thank you Jesus, for me’.  And when all seems lost, when no one is left because “the shepherd, and the sheep of the flock shall be scattered” it is then that God intervenes with the power of the resurrection”.

“Christ’s Resurrection is not a happy ending in a movie, but the intervention of God the Father where human hope is shattered. As soon as all seems lost, the moment of pain, when so many people feel like they need to come down from the Cross, is the closest to resurrection. Becomes night is at its darkest just before morning dawns, before the light begins to spread. At the darkest moment the Resurrected God intervenes”.




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