Death with Dignity for the poor

by | Mar 25, 2014 | Vincentian Family

funeral povertyThe headline is probably addressing a different problem than many expected… Funeral Poverty

We can ensure everyone gets the chance to die with dignity –  without facing debt and poverty,  Click here to learn more about funeral poverty.

Challenge Dignity Funerals (A United Kingdom association of funeral directors) to face up to funeral poverty

The Poverty Premium means that people on low incomes are struggling to afford basics like food, fuel and finance – and even funerals. As household incomes shrink and the price of funerals rises sharply, the issue of funeral poverty calls for urgent attention from communities, the funeral industry and government. Click here to learn more about funeral poverty.

Together with Quaker Social Action, the people of Church action on Poverty are holding an event which will bring together charities, communities, policy-makers and the funeral industry to seek joint solutions to the growing problem of funeral poverty.

It’s really important that all sides are represented at the event and participate in finding solutions. Unfortunately, Dignity Funerals – the largest corporate owner of funeral directors in the UK – has declined every invitation sent to them.

Please send an email to Mike McCollum, CEO of Dignity Funerals. Explain why it’s so important he attend this event and be involved in finding solutions to funeral poverty.

It’s vital that we have private companies at the table with us as we discuss how to tackle the Poverty Premium. Pressure from people like you is one of the best ways of persuading these companies to get involved – so please act now.



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