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Halifax logoThe Sisters of Charity of Halifax offer their monthly review of whats new in Charity Federation Connections — Lifelines March 2014  The current issue bring news of the Sisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception, the Sisters of St. Martha, the Religieuses Notre Dame de Sacre Coeur, the Daughters of Charity, the Sisters of Charity of St. Elizabeth, the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati as well as news of some coming events. (Visit the site to see accompanying pictures)

A sister of ours in the Federation wrote the following as the conclusion of an article written for February 20th, The International Day of Social Justice. S. Aurea is a member of a group called The Common Front for Social Justice in New Brunswick. They deal with such issues as hunger, just wages and job training. It seemed to me this kind of writing from the heart gives you a sense of how one person uses her gifts to engage others in a conversation that matters.

“The words “social justice” apply to more than politics and economics. They evoke a deep desire to build a better world for all, and a willingness to live with just a little less so that others might simply live with dignity. The appeal for “justice for all” reverberates in our hearts and is so compelling that no one can, in good conscience, ignore it. We cannot claim to have a clear conscience when we brush off or ignore our duty to fight for a fair distribution of economic resources to the poor; a smaller gap between the rich and the poor; a minimum wage that allows workers to feed their families; a labor force where women who do work of comparable value as men are paid the same as men; and for social welfare recipients to live with dignity, rather than merely trying to survive.

The demand for social justice is non-negotiable. We must commit ourselves to justice for all. We do not know what the future holds, but we do know that if we stand up shoulder-to-shoulder with the victims of injustice and listen to our conscience, we will help give birth to a truly just society.” Auréa Cormier, n.d.s.c.-Justice and Solidarity Committee, Moncton

Here’s to the charism that includes the call to us all to be midwives of a truly just society!

Happy Spring!
S. Kati Hamm

Sisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception

Early in 2014, Agathe Joly and Sharon Jacquard began to share the newly created role of National Coordinator of Associates of the Sisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception (SCIC). The two began Jan. 4, feast of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.

Based in Edmonton, AB, Mrs. Joly has been an Associate in the Prairie region for 20 years, serving as regional coordinator from 2009-2013. Mrs. Jacquard, based in Saint John, NB, has been an Associate in the Atlantic region for more than six years and has served on the regional team. The two women will collaborate with each other, with regional coordinators and teams and with the SCIC. They will also connect with regional, national and Sisters of Charity Federation networks relating to Association. Earlier overall coordinators of SCIC Association were members of the Sisters of Charity, I.C.

Sisters of St. Martha

Saturday, February 8th, Sean Saunders and Michael Overmars became the first apprentices for the Bethany Garden Apprenticeship Program.  This program allows new gardeners to manage their own enterprise, make mistakes and learn from them under the guidance and instruction of skilled mentors David and Jen Greenberg, organic farmers from Annapolis Valley.  The Sisters of St. Martha are providing one acre of land including complete infrastructure and equipment. Click here for more.

Religieuses Notre Dame de Sacre Coeur

With five other organisations, S. Aurea Cormier has been involved in an event to highlight the World Day for Social Justice on February 20th. The event took place from 11:30 to 12:30 at Moncton City Hall in front of 75 participants. The guest speaker was Bernard Richard, former ombudsman for New Brunswick who delivered an excellent speech. Over 20 non-profit organizations were invited to summarize what they accomplish to advance the cause of justice. Media coverage was excellent.

Daughters of Charity

Daughters of Charity sisters who are part of the Province of St. Louise will withdraw from 10 of the 70-plus cities the congregation serves. The transition will free up nearly 50 of the congregation’s 512 sisters to serve in other cities where the province is identifying pressing unmet needs.

By relocating sisters to communities with fledgling ministries from locations with well-grounded ministries and sponsored works where the sisters have prepared the laity to carry on their charism, the Daughters of Charity, “will be closer to where the needs are,” said S. Louise Gallahue, DC, provincial of the Province of St. Louise, based in St. Louis. Click here for full article.

Sisters of Charity of St. Elizabeth

Click here to read the NJ Just Love Newsletter. The cover article this month is On Being An Armchair Activist! Thanks Father Terry Moran(JPIC Coordinator) and Donna Sartor (Communications Coordinator) for this excellent publication.

Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati

The ministry of the Sisters of Charity has grown over the years to meet the needs of our growing Church and rapidly changing world. The one unchanging dimension has been fidelity to the spirit of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.

In that spirit the Sisters of Charity are dedicated to serving where needs are greatest. In 2014 the Sisters of Charity website will feature video of and interviews with Sisters in ministry throughout the country.(Many are between 8-10 minutes long.) Hear more about the people they serve and how the Spirit is working through them.

One story begins like this…. Hidden away on the outskirts of Juarez, Mexico, in the colonia of Anapra, is a humble building that houses the Santo Niño Project. Within plain view of the United States border, a group of Sisters of Charity discovered a call to serve children with special needs. They cross the border from El Paso, Texas, each week to offer their services in a clinic built of cement, adobe and straw bale. (posted 1/1/14)  Click here for more.

Also click here to see how they have chosen to celebrate National Catholic Sisters Week. Read some stories that will tell about Sisters current ministries and about their history.

Stations of the Cross -The SC of Cincinnati Office of Peace and Justice prepared a Stations of the Cross that looks at the journey through the lens of Justice Values.

March 8-14 is National Catholic Sisters Week

Join with the Sisters across the US in celebrating the 51,000 Catholic Sisters in America! We will join with thousands of others in celebrating the inaugural National Catholic Sisters Week March 8-14. St. Catherine University was awarded a three-year Hilton Foundation grant to help bring greater visibility to the contributions of women religious, as part of Women’s History Month (March).  We will celebrate the past, present and future of Catholic sisters and their faith-filled, courageous contributions to the people of God across the country. Below are some resources and articles that may be of interest. NCR is looking for sister writers so contact Julie Cutter DC  if you wish to work on telling the stories we are so proud of.

St. Catherine University (official NCSW website)

National Catholic Sisters Week Facebook page

Inaugural Catholic Sisters Week- NCR Online

Hilton Foundation Article

Coming Events

The Sisters of Charity of New York extend an invitation for an exciting gathering on April 12, 2014 to a day led by S. Nancy Sylvester, IHM Acting on Behalf of Justice from a Contemplative Heart.  Contact Laura Castells-Ortlieb or 718-549-9200×210

CCFP (Company of Charity Formation Personnel)-MEETING WILL BE HELD April 23-26, 2014. Keynote speaker is Simone Campbell, SSS. Thanks for encouraging leadership, liaisons and vocation/formation persons to attend.

Charism Retreat June 15-19, 2015  in Emmitsburg led by S. Maureen Wild. Planners include Maureen,  Cecelia Hudec and Phyllis Giroux

1970’S AND BEYOND  GATHERING Save the date for July 30-August 2, 2015 in Evansville, IN.

NY-NJ Federation Connection Committee gathering will be on March 29, 2014. The topic will be On Earth As It Is In Heaven-Charity Unfolding in the Cosmos. Presenter is S. Diane Collesano, SC–St. Elizabeth  Theology department, College of St. Elizabeth. All sisters, associates and friends in the Charity Family are invited.


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