Reasons to ENGAGE with technology in Lent

by | Mar 5, 2014 | Vincentian Family

Lent-Square-v1Lent is also a time of confrontation, as we come face to face with the poverty in ourselves.” G. Gregory Gay, CM Superior General Congregation of the Mission. Lent is a time to grow in our understanding and commitment  Christ.

Perhaps that is why I was struck by Caroline Cerveny SSJ who encourages all who have digital devices, to determine how they could use their tool to enhance their understanding of Lent  and to be a Digital Disciple. (She grants that for some a retreat from technology might be a good thing to do during Lent.)

Here is just one of her suggestions:

  • VIDEOS – Once a week or once a day, view a video around a Lent theme.  If you join Digital Catechesis ( – It’s FREE! – You can search the video library to locate videos that others have found inspirational for the Lent Liturgical Season.

After some other suggestions  in her post The Challenges of Lent  she concludes “I’m sure there are other ways we can be Digital Disciples with one another during this Lenten Season.  I’d love to hear how you will use technology to be part of enhancing the Lent experience of your family and friends. I invite you to share your experiences by commenting on this blog post.”




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