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Vincentian Family PeruWhy come together as a Vincentian Family? What can we do? … What has happened in the last 25 years? Perspective on the Vincentian Family in Peru

FamVin has received and translation a document celebrating 25 years of Vincentian Family Collaboration. During those 25 years the original 8 branches expanded greatly and they share a 6 story office building which facilitates communication and collaboration.

History  of the Vincentian Family in Peru  (PDF)

From the above report…

The Vincentian Family  in Peru was  born, as such, on December 21, 1991 thanks to the invitation that was extended by Father José Antonio Ubillís (Christmas 1991),  The Daughters of Charity, the Missionaries, the members of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society, the Sisters of Charity (Mallorca), the Brothers of Charity and the Ministers of Charity responded to that invitation.  They were given two questions: [1] what is the importance of this meeting? [2] what can we do together?

As a result of that meeting the National Council of the Vincentian Family in Peru was formed which has its proper Statutes and Board.  This marked a dramatic shift and we have continued to move forward since that time.  In the beginning a member of the Congregation directed all of the movement and activity of this group.  As the years passed, however, the Board became more responsible for directing the organization and the clergy moved to the background.  At the present time the group is directed by a young man from the Vincentian Marian Youth Association.

As the family grew larger there was a need for more space and so the move was made to Surquillo.  On March 23 Father Alfonso Berrade blessed the new headquarters on the third floor of the building located at 647 Angamos E. …. Sister Marina Meléndez, the Visitatrix of the Daughters of Charity, Father Pedro Fuillen, Director of CAVI and Father A. Eldayen (Coordinator of the Vincentian Family).

The new location was larger and this also became the seat for the International Association of Charity, the Miraculous Medal Association, the Vincentian Vocational Ministry Office and, at different times, the Office for the Former Students of the Vincentian Schools.

In 2008, at the time when Father Ruben Borda, CM was Visitor, the remodeling of the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th floors was begun.  All of this space was made available to CAVI.  In 2009 this work was completed and the building was blessed and inaugurated in the presence of Father Manuel Ginete, the delegate of Father General for the Vincentian Family.

Today CAVI offers the whole Vincentian Family ample space for meetings, courses, workshops, prayer, formation, psychological assistance, reading and study (library).  During the course of all these years the Center has also provided printed material and audio-visual material to the members of the Vincentian Family.  Without any fear of exaggeration I believe that CAVI has become a home for everyone, a home for the Vincentian Family.

I conclude with the greetings that arrived from our beloved Fr. Corpus who is in Barakaldo (Spain): Congratulations at this time when you celebrate your 25th anniversary.  The word “animation” in the name of this institution, Center of Vincentian Animation, continues to present a great challenge to all of us.  Indeed, it is an on-going challenge to allow the Spirit of the Lord to animate us in such a way that our life is transformed and we become true disciples and missionaries of the Lord Jesus Christ, evangelizer of the poor.  I unite myself to all of you and give thanks for the roads that we have been able to travel.  With you I ask the Spirit to pour out his blessings upon us, our communities, our groups, our associations, our ministries.  Greetings from you brother, Corpus.

We give thanks to God for these twenty-five years during which time we have been able to live and work together as a Vincentian Family.



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