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msbt logoBarbara DeMoranville, MSBT, long time member of the Missionary Servant of the Most Blessed Trinity leadership team and currently CO-DIrector of Mother Boniface Spirituality Center,   reports that that nearly 40 women attended a weekend retreat “Come Apart and Rest Awhile” with Anne Trufant, presenter.  Another 27 women attended “Knitting into the Mystery of God”.

Mother Boniface Spirituality Center is a center for the growth and development of Apostolic Spirituality in the Church. The programs offered at the Center and off campus have the following goals:
*to create and/or deepen a devotional knowledge of the mysteries of the faith, especially those that are part of Missionary Cenacle spirituality;
*to encourage and foster, in an intentional manner, an apostolic spirit in the providence of every day life.

Presenter Anne Trufant ia a  wife, mother, recording artist, dynamic speaker and faith-filled retreat presenter.

Retreat Description: “Do you ever feel like you are going though the motions of faith?  Sometimes, we know the right words, but our hearts are far from God.  Life has a way of wearing us down.  We lose our sense of joy, hope and our expectation that He will show up in our lives.  But God says, “Therefore I will astound these people with wonder upon wonder!” (Isaiah 29:14)  The answer isn’t more faith, more disciplines, or greater obedience.  Come away and rest awhile (Mark 6:31) and see how God responds by giving us Himself.





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  1. Beth

    These retreats sounded interesting, so I looked around and found more information about the Mother Boniface Retreat Center: they have a Facebook page here:

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