Formation Fridays – Getting the big picture

by | Jan 16, 2014 | Vincentian Family

timeline cenacleSometimes we can get so caught up in the immediacy of things that we can lose the “Big Picture”. “History at a Glance”, “Timelines” are ways of getting the big picture of various aspects of our Vincentian Family.

Over the years VinFormation has created such visual guides to Vincent’s life and times, Vincentian Family Saints, and various groups in the Vincentian Family. The following list offers quick and to a degree interactive  insights. At the bottom of this post, learn about how VinFormation can adapt any of these resources to suit your needs.

This first timeline not only provides an overview of heroic followers from the time of Vincent and Louise to the present, but as you roll your mouse over the thumbnail graphics it also links to more information in related articles in the Vincentian Encyclopedia. The English version proved popular enough that people offered translation into the languages below:

Here are some other timelines…

VinFormation offers its services to anyone who would like to see a timeline developed. Find out more at:

“Stargazer – Elizabeth Seton’s Journey of Faith”  is another example of this free service of VinFormation. Sr. Mary McCormick, SC sent us the text of a prayer service she prepared for the celebration of the feast of Elizabeth Seton, January 4.

Do you have Vincentian formation material you would like to see adapted for a wider audience as an online resource for the Vincentian Family? If so, consider sending them to us. We have the templates into which we can insert your text and graphics. Depending upon our workload we can usually turn them around relatively quickly.


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