Five most followed Nuns on Twitter

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social sistersSocial Sisters site writes… I’ve searched high and low to find the 5 most followed nuns on Twitter. What’s more they have a combined total of over 50,000 followers, how’s that for spreading the word of God.

1. @Digitalnun

At number 1 we have Sister Catherine Wybourne, her tweets range from the humorous to the serious to even talk of selfies.

Sister Catherine prays every day for her thousands of Twitter followers.

  • Followers: 11,903
  • Tweets: 12,142
  • Started Tweeting: October 2009
  • Benedictine nun from Hereford (UK)

2. @SrHelenaBurns

Close behind @Digitalnun we have Sister Helena Burns. An adventurous nun who is an avid tweeter, not only does she send tweets of wisdom, she also discusses topical issues.

One of my favourite tweets from her is: ‘It’s rough for nuns in habits on Halloween. #NobodyBelievesWeAreReal’.

  • Followers: 11,851
  • Tweets: 22,680
  • Started Tweeting: May 2009
  • A Catholic nun part of the Daughters of St Paul from Chicago/Toronto (USA)

3. @nunblogger

Sister Anne takes the number 3 spot, the most expert tweeter of the bunch as she has been tweeting for over 6 years!

Her interactions and retweets make her Twitter page an encyclopaedia of all religious news you need to know.

Be warned though you may stumble across the odd photograph of some delicious treats, including some mouth-watering doughnuts!

  • Followers: 11,458
  • Tweets: 11,456
  • Started Tweeting: August 2007
  • A Catholic nun part of the Daughters of St Paul from Chicago (USA)

4. @BenedictineSis

Not an individual nun but this Twitter account is brought to you by the Benedictine Sisters, you won’t find any doughnut pictures here but insightful news and events.

Most of their followers are religious drawn to the reflective and spiritual nature of the Sister’s tweets.

5. @Sr_Lisa

Sister Lisa Marie is funny, contemplative and intelligent.

She frequently posts pictures to give followers a glimpse into her life.

If you ever need someone to pray for you don’t be shy to ask her.

  • Followers: 7,354
  • Tweets: 37,908
  • Started Tweeting: June 2009
  • Member of the community of Canossian Sisters of Sacramento From Albuquerque (New Mexico)

All these figures were accurate when this post was published. If I’ve missed anyone out let me know!


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