Martyrs – What can we learn from them?

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Vincentian martyrsPardon and conversion are the gifts that the martyrs give to everyone.

In his homily Angelo Cardinal Amato stated that we remembers these martyrs because as members of the people of God, as baptized men and women they clothed themselves in the white garment of charity and followed Christ to Calvary in order to rise with him in the heavenly Jerusalem.

The celebration of the beatification was a proclamation of the fact that the world needs peace and communion and harmony and at the same time makes a statement that nothing can justify war.  Therefore we are called to participate in the joy of forgiving and to eliminate from our mind and heart the sadness of rancor and hatred.

Pardon and conversion are the gifts that the martyrs give to everyone.  Pardon leads to inner peace and conversion creates unity with others.  Indeed, everyone needs conversion.

We are all called to be converted and to clothe ourselves in peace, communion, respect for the freedom of others, and serenity in our relationships.  Only in this way can we confront the modern ideologies and their demand for altars and victims.

Homily of Angelo Cardinal Amato
Homilía íntegra Beatificación Año de la Fe



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