Vincentian talks art, spirituality

by | Sep 21, 2013 | Spirituality and Spiritual Practice

Muralist Br. Mark elder writes… “Sisul-elder-8How do folkies! It’s a new season and I’m ready to get to it at ‘The Buffalo Bro ½ Hour’!   I wento out to the ranch and completed a new mural for Munroe hall here at DePaul.  I’m going to bring themes on Visual art, Spiritualty, some humor and a bit of Music.  Plus some stories about the old days at DePaul U.

I’d be happy to have you join us at 9:30 am CST Sun. morning here at Radio DePaul.   Click on this link and you can get into the stream right off the website……

This week I’m going to talk w/ Bro. Leo Kriegher, cm a Vincentian brother who has been dealing the homeless here at Lincoln Park for over 30 years.  He has some great stories to tell. Please join me! Buffalo Bro


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