The Pope Francis Interview

by | Sep 19, 2013 | Pope

Pope bergoglio

So many words! So much spin! All set in motion by a 10,000 word interview with Pope Francis. No doubt the torrent will pick up pace.

In places the interview seems to echo the words of another Pope some 50 years ago.

“Scrape the barnacles of history off the bottom of this ship and let’s set sail and get the saving message of salvation out on to the seas of the world.”  (John XXIII) 

The words of Francis today  deserve more than summaries and spins. No doubt people will latch on to this or that passage cafeteria style. What did he actually say and in what context? Go beyond the sound bites.

Read the original interview in a text he himself approved.

When you have read the entire interview sit back and ask “What did I learn about the heart of Pope Francis?”

Beyond that many will also be interested in initial reactions…



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