Daughters of Charity on Syria

by | Sep 9, 2013 | Daughters of Charity, Justice and Peace | 3 comments

dc-logowhiteHonora Remes shares “In response to the horrific violence in Syria, we, the Daughters of Charity of the Province of St. Louise-USA, call for a diplomatic and humanitarian intervention, in concert with the international community. We steadfastly oppose a violent response in an already devastated country.”


  1. georgia hedrick

    I so totally agree with Sister Honora. War solves nothing. Words, over time, solve everything. Don’t we learn from the past? All War does is produce Warriors–big deal–and some warriors never stop–even after they come home. Statistically, most serial killers are former military people.
    Enough with the war stuff! gh

  2. Ross

    Here’s another view from Michael Novak: “The Pope did well to pray for peace but it’s difficult to convince us Americans that the war has never solved anything. We defeated slavery and the absolute evil of Nazism and Communism by going to war” (see Vatican Insider). My posting this does not mean I agree with him.

  3. Ann P. White

    Let’s be glad that we have hit a pause button on this matter of a military strike to Syria. Very likely few of us here responding think a primary strike would accomplish stated US goals: to “degrade” Syria’s chemical weapons capability without causing many casualties, never mind from where – what’s that matter? Let’s focus on whether the political/military mindset of our country can be stretched to learn that diplomacy/dialogue – yes with the threat of force still on the table – can accomplish our goals. This is not political ideology, this is “spirit”-ual stuff. If mind-sets can be changed to a less confrontational but nonetheless consistent opposition to nerve-targeted chemicals used to wreak neural havoc on civilian adults and children, then the Spirit has accomplished a marvelous feat. Let us praise the Spirit of God for that, and ask his/her continued guidance.

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