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DC-egypteFor most visitors to famvin  Eygpt, Syria, Lebanon, Iran are places about which we read tragic headlines. But for the Daughters of Charity of the Province of the Near East these places are home and where the Love of Christ Urges them to heal the broken and marginalized..

The following is a machine translation (google) of an article that appears on the site of the Daughters of Charity province in the Near East.

Implantation – Egypt

The Daughters of Charity arrived in Alexandria, to start the first “visible” Charity Vincentian implantation, in its many forms: care of the sick, help the poor, education of youth. In doing so, they respond to the first call from European Consulates in 1836.

Indeed, the consuls established in Alexandria in 1816 had created a hospital for the sick in their respective countries. But being held only by a Treasurer, a pharmacist and a few nurses, hospital languished. The Board of Directors, composed of consuls, felt the need to find support for dedicated services function.

Mr. CERUTI, Consul Sardinian states, and Chairman of the Board, a – the first – the idea to bring, if possible, the Daughters of Charity. It addresses in Paris: Vincentians with no house in Egypt, the offer is declined. The negotiations will drag in length until 1843. At that time, Mr. Etienne, sent on a diplomatic mission to Egypt and Syria to the urgent requests that are sent either to the hospital or to a school, ensures that transmit the wishes of the congregation council and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris.

Meanwhile, the Sacred Congregation of Propaganda, informed of the steps taken at the Mother House and pressed by the consul of France, decided the founding of a College and intends to entrust the execution to the Vincentian Fathers.

Therefore, there is no question of refusing the implementation of the Daughters of Charity in the country.So we asked Rome opening three institutions: the Missionaries for the education of young people, one of Mercy for a girls’ school, with works of charity and the regular hospital.

Mr. ETIENNE, became Superior General, made choice of Mr. POUSSOU Alexandria to install the new mission. The latter already knew EAST and Arabic. Mr. LEROY, visitor Syria was all said to be superior to the new home of the Fathers also knew the Levant.

Sister Grouhel proven to Izmir is designated as Sister Servant. In Paris, six sisters set their departure EGYPT April 3, 1844. Gentlemen JORELLE and PASTRE, Consulate of France, and the Director of the French Post Office, receive immigrants and offer their hospitality to the Consulate. The sisters will then be taken to hospital immediately to get on. On March 8, the contract is written, much to the satisfaction of the Directors.

Seven sisters, four are intended for hospital and three at school. This is the number of sisters who now used to designate the newcomers: the “Saba Banat” Later this name will be given equally to all religious of any order.. In addition, the street itself become the “Street of the seven sisters. Upon arrival, the sisters set to work and gradually turns the hospital. So much so, it is quite inadequate to accommodate more patients and more. The sisters devote themselves there until 1960 when the assets of foreign funds were nationalized. Since then, it became a military hospital.

In 1845 began the expansion of the Company in the city. Mercy in 1845, Saint Vincent home (orphanage boys) in 1870, Saint Joseph House (foundlings) in 1878. In 1897, at the request of the Consul of France, there was the opening of a branch school in ATTARINE, populous and poor neighborhood. Extending out of Alexandria will be very slow:

  • 1888 Ismailia Hospital closed in 1969
  • 1889: Port Tawfiq closed in 1956
  • 1901: Cairo General Hospital closed in 1966
  • 1905: Cairo Mercy
  • 1906 Port Said
  • 1907: Cairo Saint Joseph
  • 1909 Ismailia School closed in 1962
  • 1919 Cairo St. Louis closed in 1949.

If you would like assist them and can not read French on their Assist us webpage you might visit IPS


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