Vincentian youth pray/reflect before WYD

by | Jul 21, 2013 | Vincentian Family

Vincentians pray for mission

Friday at the International Vincentian Youth (EIJV) began with morning prayer for a missionary spirit. “The Vincentian Youth are invited to embrace the mission of Christ Youth.Living the dynamics of dispossession to embrace the brothers in their needs is to put not only the service, but be an example to those who are on the walk, “prayed the participants.

pray for missionsA group state the parable of the rich young man (Mt 9:16-22) . The actor playing Jesus shod in sandals representing Frederic Ozanam – principal founder of the Society of St. Vincent. The scenario represented humility and above all the importance that all follow the path of righteousness, the mission and against the poor. Soon, everyone received a keychain shaped slipper.

The morning closed with singing ‘Go missionary’.

New forms of poverty served as the theme of the first catechesis presented the International Vincentian Youth (EIJV). They were taught in three languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Throughout the afternoon of Friday, workshops take place simultaneously in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Participants  have the opportunity to attend two.

Vincentian Holiness 

  • Portuguese: Father Marco Aurelio Costa (CM) / Sister Marcia Miranda (DC) / Erika Lopes Azara (SVP)
  • English: Sister Christian (USA)
  • Spanish: Frederico Sanchez Valencia (JMV) / L. Wladimir Benitez (WYD)=

Vincentian Vocation

  • Portuguese: Sister Sandilene (DC) / Bruno Matos (JMV)
  • English: Father Astor Rodriguez (CM)
  • Spanish: Padre Miguel Angel (CM) / Father Hugo Rose Soza (CM)

Forms and service initiatives to the Poor

  • Portuguese: Father Edilson Kaspchak (CM) / Renata Mancini (SVP) / Sister Fatima (DC)
  • English: Father Aiden Rooney (CM)
  • Spanish: Ana Paola Bohorquez (SVP)

Vincentian Leadership

  • Portuguese: Eduardo Marques (SVP) / Renato Lima (SVP) / Father Agnaldo (CM)
  • Spanish: Father José Luiz de Fina / Padre Arturo Ronaldo



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