Father’s Day – celebrating relationship

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Busted HaloBusted Halo offers … A retreat for fathers and children to celebrate relationships that continue to influence us as young adults.

You can do this retreat on your own or with your dad! Live far away? Email Dad the link and get on the phone, Facetime, or Skype. So, in addition to a card or gift (don’t forget!) celebrate Father’s Day with your father in a unique way.
Father’s Day is this weekend and it’s time to honor dear old Dad. Fathers share helpful advice and wisdom throughout our lives (or at least they try to.) Even if we’re too busy or stubborn to listen, dads are giving us tips on how to make our lives the best they can be. This virtual retreat helps young adults and their fathers connect with those wisdom moments and one another.

From the retreat…

Take a few moments to think about (or even write down) your responses to the following.
If you do this retreat with your father, share your reflections with one another.

  • For daughters and sons – What wisdom and truths about your life has your father passed on to you?How has your father’s example given you the strength to deal with the realities of life?
  • For fathers – What wisdom and truths have your children shared with you that enable you to live better in today’s world? What challenges do your children face in today’s world that will show off their strength, character, and talents?
  • For new fathers – Name three truths you hope to teach your children. How has this new role of father helped you to better appreciate your own father?


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