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Move Forward – Don’t worry – Humility – Hold me Lord.

Vincentian Family GatheringDear Vincentian Family:  We generally have so much to pray for in our Vincentian work.  As we end our working year there are many annual meetings, gatherings and training updates.  We should always pray for the organizers of the events.  We often forget the work they do and getting ready for a family gathering takes planning and much work before we arrive.  Recognize the work of our Vincentian family and pray for success.

Move Forward in all our work.  We should never stand still or look back at the errors.  We know we messed up and move on.  Did you ever notice how large the windshield of a car is and the rear view mirror is very small?  When we move forward we need to see what is ahead.  Looking at the past is not as important as our present or future.  Jesus cautioned the apostles to move forward after they were clothed from on high.  “I am sending the promise of my Father upon you.” (Lk.24:49)  Jesus intended to prepare the apostles to move forward asking them to wait for the promise of the Father.  We too are in the hands of the Father and we are the agents of God in the Trinity.  Our faith, salvation and conversion are the accomplishments of God’s plan.  Not by our doing.  We are instruments of His will.  We are where we should be to move forward and continue to do His will.  Wherever we are, is the right place to be, if led by the Trinity and we are bathed in the teaching, leading and counsel of the Holy Spirit.  We move forward with the love of God and the good of all those we serve.

Don’t Worry – Be happy!   We know how we feel in troubled times.  We often ask, “What do people without faith and family do in these sad times.”  Without prayer, our friends and family our grieving would destroy us.  When we disagree or have a falling out, remember a true, meaningful apology doesn’t show weakness.  It shows love, care and concern.  Too often a sharp word, or an impatient driver, will give us grief. Don’t worry, smile and let the moment grow.  Don’t let it destroy the moment.  We have to be so careful on our visits to home, hospitals and prisons.  Don’t let those we serve read something on our faces.  We always caution ourselves about judging and rightly so, however our face can be a tell tale of what our thoughts are, so always put a smile on your face and pray without ceasing through your visit.  Smiling and prayer makes the difference.  Pray before the visit, silently during the visit and after the visit.  Let your face and the love of God you bring change the person you visit.  Don’t let your sad face and worry destroy God’s moment with those we serve.  Do not have anxiety; everything is in God’s hands.

HumilityThis is a great word.  Remember the song, “O Lord it is hard to be humble.”  It was very close to the truth for many people.  Humility is a partnership with the Holy Spirit.  True humility is acknowledging the good you do comes from the Spirit.  Our good deeds, our gifts and the love we share in our service is the fruit of being made in the image of God.  When we act on our own, we are weak with sin.  Every good deed we do is evidence God is working in us and through us.  That is why we must accept the compliments while acknowledging our partnership with God in three persons.  I had a great lesson in humility recently.  Knowing who I am and my quick Irish temper, I know getting me through this humiliation was the Spirit.  While what happened was not right, it could have been a whole lot worse, if I had reacted.  I prayed the Rosary and prayed for the Spirit to control me and take over my mind and body, especially my tongue.  It actually felt like a beautiful massage.  I looked in the mirror to see if I was glowing, because I was so alive and calm.  All that credit goes to the Trinity and of course, our Mother Mary.  Prayer, don’t leave home without it and all Glory and Praise to God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Hold me Lord.  Don’t ever let me go.  Be with me when I’m sad, in pain and in uncertainty and be with me as I serve your special lost sheep.  You transformed me and I sometimes am confused, but never let go, stay with me, Lord.  “Behold, He tells us, I make all things new. (Rev. 1:25)  Make your peace with God sooner than later, feel that peace and hold on to the Lord as He is always holding you.  Pray always, pray now and never let go.  Our Lord looks on you with pleasure.  He loves you always, just ask Him.  God wants us to be at peace.  We received communion with God when He sent His Son to spill His precious blood for us, our families and those we serve.  Who loves you more?  Praying is a friendship, a loving relationship.  If you like, it is a dialogue of love and if we listen it is a conversation of love between each of us and God.  Hold on to the most amazing spiritual community ever in Vincentian family, belonging does not make you a follower of Christ, praying does.  So ask our Lord to hold you, always.

Remember to visit and browse.  There is so much to see and do, while sitting down.  If you would like to add anyone to the list please email me If you want prayers use the same email. Please pray for Jess, my mom Kay, Marisol and all who are sick and suffering.



Lynn  L’Heureux is Special needs co-coordinator & Advisor of the Society of St Vincent de Paul Calgary Alberta Canada

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