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Elements of Vincentian Family Collaboration

by | May 23, 2013 | Vincentian Family

flanaganFr. Patrick Flanagan, CM offers a concise overview of the context and content of the historic Vincentian Family Collaborative Action Project…

“It is awfully cold, damp, and most days raining.  The weather actually has been a boost for the intense program that begins at 7:00 am most days and stretches till about 5 or so.  It keeps us from being distracted and tempted to explore the city of Paris.

Joe Agostino and his team, though, have put together an exceptional program that really addresses the foundations of the Vincentian Family efforts and their trajectories.  

  • Monday reviewed the rich history of the Vincentian Family
  • Tuesday considered the virtues and their place in building and mobilizing a team; 
  • Wednesday addressed the question of leadership and conflict; and,
  • Thursday we wrestled w/ the question that tends to lend itself to some tension – “what does it mean to be Vincentian and Catholic.”  

Tomorrow, I am sure, will bring another fine presentation and great interaction w/ over 50 Vincentian Family members from throughout the world.


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