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Singing with the Stars – VFCAP

by | May 22, 2013 | Vincentian Family | 1 comment

How many people, beyond the Superior General, can you recognize in this opening video from the Vincentian Family Collaborative Action Program in Paris?

They came from Africa (Egypt, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Kenya, Madagascar), others from Americas (USA, Haiti) Canada and Australia and Cook Islands. Some come from Asia (Lebanon, Philippines, Korea) and Europe (France, Slovenia, Poland, Ukraine, Ireland, England)
The instructors are from : DePaul University – Chicago, St. John University – New York, Niagara University – New York, Adamson University – Manaila, Philippines, All Hallows College, Dublin – Ireland

Can you recognize anyone from your group? Who will you vote for?

1 Comment

  1. marguerite broderick DC

    Great to see our Vin fam Collaborators in action!

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