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When clotheslines speak! – LCUSA and STJ

by | Apr 12, 2013 | International Association of Charities - Ladies of Charity, Vincentian Family | 1 comment

lcusa-logoThe Ladies of Charity of St. John’s University let clotheslines tell the story of sexual violence.The “Clothesline Project” at St. John’s University is just one recent example of how the Ladies of Charity can respond to the issue of violence against women. Since 2010  they have been sponsoring a campus  version of the “Clothesline Project”.
LCUSA SJU clothesline
The Clothesline Project (CLP) is a program started on Cape Cod, MA, in 1990 to address the issue of violence against women. It is a vehicle for women affected by violence to express their emotions by decorating a shirt. They then hang the shirt on a clothesline to be viewed by others as testimony to the problem of violence against women. With the support of many, it has since spread world-wide. See this list of videos on YouTube. View the this Google Image Search.
Astor Rodriquez CM reports from St. John’s University… The Ladies of Charity at St John’s University organized their event of “Bearing Witness to Sexual and Domestic Violence. Thank you Ladies. (4 photos)
 The Ladies really came through in their efforts to enlighten us at St. Johns this week. The main lawn on campus looked like we had a campus washing day. Each t-shirt had a great message expressed and all from near and far could see. The bake sale and pin sale went well.




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  1. jbf

    St. Johns Vincentian Center also sponsored a conference on the role of the Travel Industry in ending the modern day slavery of human trafficking.
    HUMAN TRAFFICKING: Whose Business Is It?
    The Travel Industry’s Role in Ending Modern-Day Slavery

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