The Word – Poetry of Salvation History

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The Word (The poetry of Salvation History)

the word of creation
land and sea and sky
let them be in our image
becoming more and everything is good

the word of alienation
not me … you … the serpent
cursed now and forever
pain and sweat and toil
dust to dust

the word of a new covenant
countless stars numberless grains of sand
blessed now and forever
descendants and freedom and land
flowing with milk and honey

the word of the liberator
let my people go
a new freedom a new liberation
a god gloriously triumphant
horse and chariot cast into the sea

the word of the sage
embrace discipline
interior freedom and liberation
discipline begets wisdom
wisdom begets life in fullness

the word of the prophet
too young … i can’t speak
denunciation and proclamation
you have duped me … i let myself be duped
let justice roll down the mountainside

the word of the precursor
repent, change, be different
denunciation and proclamation
straighten the paths, smooth the rough ways
the kingdom is among you

the word of jesus
you have heard it said … but
denunciation and proclamation
you did not feed me or clothe me
you did not love me
you visited me and welcomed me
you loved me

the word
encouraging informing inspiring
demanding a response
life purpose meaning
decisions today tomorrow and yesterday
death dying destruction
life living resurrection
in the beginning the word
today with hallowed hidden gestures
in silent procession through streets of shadows
the word begins anew

March 7th, 2013

By: Charles Plock

For another Vincentian reflection on the Word see also Brother Augustine Towey’s You are a word uttered to me.

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