Pope and the Virtues of a Daughter of Charity

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A Daughter of Charity writes about Pope Francis and the Virtues of a Daughter of Charity.

Her text…

Yes, I was shocked by the resignation (retirement) of Pope Benedict XVI and am delighted at who the cardinals have chosen as the new pope.  Did you do the www.adoptacardinal?  It seems most people I spoke to did or were going to after they heard about it.  I was praying for an Italian cardinal.

I have been impressed with Pope Francis.  I think the symbol of him so far is his black shoes.  Not wearing the traditional red shoes is a simple choice, but it speaks volumes!  The virtues by which the Daughters of Charity strive to live by are humility, simplicity and charity.  I am inspired by how Pope Francis embodies these virtures.

Pope Francis’ humility and simplicity have been clearly evident in his actions and choices during this past week since his election.  He paid his hotel bill, he carried his own luggage, he road in the bus with the other cardinals back to the hotel, his choice to keep the accessories he wore as a bishop, and how about keeping his black shoes?!  I would think this would go with simplicity of speech–saying what he means and meaning what he says.

Did you see the video of Pope Francis after Mass on Sunday at St. Anne’s where he greeted all the worshipers when they came out of the church?  He stood there and greeted them like any pastor at a parish would.  Ok, so the pastors wouldn’t have men in dark suits tugging people to move along, but you get the idea.

The pope was known, as we have heard, for his simple lifestyle as a cardinal in Argentina–riding the bus, cooking his own meals…

What about his charity?  His concern for those living in poverty is already evident–did you hear him tell of why he chose the name Francis?  He has a history or orthodoxy AND serving those living in poverty.  Often members of the clergy stand out in one area or the other, but Pope Francis has integrated both into his life in a very pastoral way.  I believe the Holy Spirit has brought us a shepherd to teach us the humble and caring ways of Jesus that will challenge us in a good way.

One of the Daughters of Charity with whom I live was upset by the media digging into the pope’s past in connection to Argentina’s dirty war.  I wasn’t concerned because it is the transparency which I am sure Pope Francis would welcome.  Instead of finding dirt on the new pope, we learn of how dangerous it was to be a clergy member and a leader of the Catholic Church at that time.  We hear how he had to work behind the scenes to free 2 of his priests who were taken and tortured by government forces.  “Why” the media asked, “didn’t he do more?”  An Argentinian human rights activist was who spoke up in the pope’s defense.  Those who were vocal against the government ended up dead quickly (most likely after being tortured also).  Our new pope in his past leadership had to walk the tightrope amidst the danger to save the priests and lead the Church in precarious times.

I am hopeful that Pope Francis is the one to bring unity to the Church through his leadership in his humility, his simplicity of lifestyle and speech and his  heart of charity for those most in need.

Let us pray for Pope Francis and all the leaders of the Church!

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  1. Sr Marguerite Broderick DC

    This is a great article and really gives us Daughters food for thought! Thanks!

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